Ex President Sebastián Piñera and Grand Master Luis Riveros talked about the future of Chile

Wednesday 5 October 2016

Santiago, Chile. The Grand Lodge of Chile organized a conference last month having as special guest the former President of the Republic, Sebastián Piñera. The event took place on September 5 at the Temple of the Grand Lodge. The conference was moderated by Cecelia Perez, former Minister General Secretary of Government. The event was attended by Grand Lodge members, former ministers, President of the Supreme Court, Grand Master Luis Riveros etc.

Sebastián Piñera began his speech by saying: Hello! I would like to salute my colleague Professor Mr. Luis Riveros. I was professor at the University of Chile before you! But you have been Vice-Chancellor. I still do not give up this aspiration, just as you still do not give up yours of being President of Chile.

The Grand Master intervened and emphasized the importance of the middle class and said that there should be a dialogue to build ideas. Former President Piñera said that the society must achieve three main principles: liberty, equality (equity) and progress.

Freedom... what is it? It means that each person to be as possible as he/she can their own Great Architect of his/her life. To feel that he/she is the ruler of his/her life and not just a Mason who puts a stone upon another; and no another one to be the architect who sketched his/her life project, stated Sebastián Piñera.


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