Grand Master Luis Riveros Cornejo: "I believe in young people"

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Santiago, Chile. The Grand Master of Grand Lodge of Chile has granted an interview yesterday to the main news channel in Chile. Luis Riveros Cornejo (former rector of the University of Chile) expressed his points of view on the subjects of the national agenda. He further mentioned that the Grand Lodge will invite several former heads of state to discuss various current issues, also noting here Bachelet.

"I believe in young people," said Riveros Cornejo, referring to the fact that they have long-term visions. In the same vein the Grand Master said that "One of the problems is that we did not asked young people what they want." Regarding matters on the agenda of the political class in Chile, Riveros Cornejo said: "The grand issues for the future and what kind of education we want for the future are absent."


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