Lázaro Cuesta Valdés is the new leader of the Supreme Council of Cuba

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Havana, Cuba. Cuesta Valdés is one of the leaders of the "Abacuá" secret society and founder of a religios-syncretic society composed by the Babalawos, entitled "Organising Committee of the Letter of the Year". There were rumors that Cuesta Valdés Cuba leads a society (Abacuá) which follows castrist government guidelines. Also, there was fear that the election of Lázaro Cuesta Valdés could lead to the introduction of Afro-Cuban religious practices in the Masonic ritual.

Adalberto Concepción González (the new Lieutenant Grand Commander) was Chairman of the Committee of Foreign Relations of the Supreme Council of Cuba, in which was Lázaro Faustino Cuesta Valdés was also a member.


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