EXCLUSIVE | Final interview before elections with Hernando Osorio Rico, running for Executive Secretary of the Inter-American Masonic Confederation

Saturday, 7 April 2012

In the last interview we saw and understand different issues of the government program of each candidate. Now we want to complete this interview with a few additional questions and more technical.

I thank you for this second opportunity to express my views on a topical issue for the community in general and perpetual for Universal Freemasonry. On the other hand I think this is the best way to help all MW Grand Masters to elect new Executive Secretary of the IMC, meaning that each of them has the right to occupy this important position and that all, certainly, will help the others.

The United Grand Lodge of England announced its decision to officially open to the profane world. UGLE has a program and a strategy to achieve over the next five years and to continue thereafter. What do you think about UGLE’s new strategy? What do you think about the necessity of transparency of Freemasonry?

Our institution has traditionally shown the world that is a discrete institution and that clearly has secrets that do not affect in any way the profane world, such as keeping secret scientific advances or other situation that is of interest for the community.

The communication strategy to build the third millennium Freemasonry is the product of a study with great scientific rigor. We therefore have to consider this strategy and take advantage of this knowledge and to apply it as possible as we can in our context.

What should be continued after this success must be the strengthening of Freemasonry in the world and especially in the Latin American context.

We observed that the agreement with the OAS is an important point on your agenda. Do you think of the possibility of signing agreements with UNASUR (this European Union of South America)?

For the IMC is of utmost importance the help that it can bring all international organizations designed to foster community. Enlightened by this philosophy, the IMC Executive Secretary must include on the agenda all strengthening activities that can be achieved in the context of the agreement with the OAS. Based on this experience we must try to make new agreements with other international organizations that can promote our philanthropic objectives and those of the Ibero-American Freemasonry.

Since the IMC has an Ibero-American character will the IMC Executive Secretary consider necessary an active relationship in the near future with the Organization of Ibero-American States regarding his projects?

The answer is undoubtedly yes. There must be an active relationship with the Organization of Ibero-American States in terms of social projects, especially in all that has to do with the support of these organizations to protect human rights.

The next Executive Secretary shall have the within his obligations to prepare projects that can be supported by international organizations for needy communities, projects to be implemented by the Grand Lodges that have influence in those communities. In other words, the Executive Secretary should work to open doors for the Grand Lodges to achieve the goals of universal Freemasonry.

Another important issue is the drug trafficking and drug abuse especially among young people. The OAS issued its latest Report on drug use in the Americas. As you can see, the report shows that the "information must be a central element in deciding policies on drugs." APMR know that Freemasonry in Brazil (CMSB and GOB - Maçonaria Contra as Drogas) has a program to combat and prevent drug use. But what happens in Colombia and Mexico regarding this? We know that there are countries where young people are exposed to this danger. Could the next IMC Executive Secretary transform the Brazilian program into a Latin American one?

The OAS report on drug use is dramatic and invites us to offer our help to all young people facing this dangerous scourge. Freemasonry must assume this commitment with them because all young people are our future and due to their position they are exposed to this danger.

The next IMC Executive Secretary may, with the support of international organizations interested in contributing to solving this problem transform the Brazilian program into a Latin American one. For this we will have to rely on the support of Grand Lodges in different countries and, naturally, on the resources that can be managed to implement such programs.

Young people are the future of humanity and... of Freemasonry. In Latin America there are two organizations, among others, which dedicate their activities to youth and education: the Ibero-American Youth Organization and the Organization of Ibero-American States. Regarding youth, do you think that "Metas Educativas 2021" may be a viable program for the IMC? What is the role of youth in today’s and tomorrow’s Freemasonry in your view as possible IMC Executive Secretary?

The educational purposes for 2021 are an important effort for the Ibero-American youth in this millennium. It is an important bet with the education and the quality of education for young people. The program has ambitious goals based on the formation of the young and of the young adult in the society, reaching an integrated role. This is the youth that of our society needs. Given the fact that in our program we gave great importance to education, both Masonic and profane, I think it is viable for the IMC to be involved in these educational purposes.

The role of youth in Freemasonry matches their role in society in general. They are our future. So is our commitment to guide and educate them properly. Without our youth society will not have a future. Neither will Freemasonry.

Gentlemen, Brethren, thank you for your kindness to grant us this second interview and we wish to express our desire that no matter whoever is elected, the chosen one should think that through culture, education and youth we can build the future and identity of an organization, of a society, of a nation and of Humanity.

Also, I want to thank you for the opportunity given to express my concepts through this important media tool of Masonic communication. In any case, whether or not I am elected Executive Secretary, I will be always careful to work in favour of the IMC, of Freemasonry in general and of those various Masonic bodies that are interested in developing our charitable objectives.


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