The 12th World Conference of Masonic Grand Lodge was held in India

Monday, 26 November 2012

Chennai, India. From 21st to 23rd November 2012 in India was held the XII World Conference of Regular Grand Lodges, event hosted for the second time by the Grand Lodge of India. On the first day participants gathered at Freemasons' Hall in Chennai where they had the opportunity to socialize.

This year's conference was opened by Balaram Biswakumar (Grand Master of India), Thomas Jackson (Executive Secretary) and Radu Balanescu (Grand Master of the National Grand Lodge of Romania). The two working sessions of the World Conference were attended by the Grand Lodges/Orients of Germany, Italy (GOI), Brazil (GOB and CMSB), Venezuela, Haiti, California, Ontario, British Columbia, Utah, Peru, France (GLNF), Turkey, Panama, Austria, Paraguay (GLSP), Bolivia, Colombia, South Africa, Spain, Hungary, Romania, Russia, Madagascar, Croatia, Moldova, Congo, Bulgaria, Mauritius, Serbia, Cyprus and Albania.


Romania was represented by Grand Master Radu Balanescu who took office as Executive President of the World Conference, the most important Masonic office ever to be held by a Romanian Freemason since 1989.


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