December could change the course of history of Freemasonry in Europe

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

London, United Kingdom. It has been more than two years after the scandal that involved French Freemasonry and has gone around the world. It's been half a year since UGLE announced the suspension of relations with GLNF and nearly a quarter of a year since England decided to break relations with the French National Grand Lodge, but not quite definitely.

The appearance of the declarations of Basel and Brussels indicated that the five Grand Lodges of Europe, led by the United Grand Lodges of Germany, are determined to help change the landscape of French Freemasonry. However, the declaration of the new Grand Chancellor of the United Grand Lodge of England of September indicated that he expects GLNF to regain UGLE's recognition. Also, the Grand Chancellor Derek Dinsmore stated that for the moment there can be no question of recognizing another Grand Lodge in France.

This month, according to the official agenda set by the Grand Lodges of Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Austria will be issued a report on the state of French Freemasonry and the evolution of the negotiations that took place. In the same vein, in exactly one week will take place UGLE's Quarterly Annual Communication, the last of this year, where it is possible to be analyzed the decision of GLNF's new leadership and to take note of the report of the five European Grand Lodges.

The election of a new Grand Master and yesterday's decision of Servel, Grand Master of GLNF, to suspend Stifani seems to be a first step in rallying GLNF's policy with the statements made almost three months ago by UGLE's Grand Chancellor.


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