French National Grand Lodge: 100 years of Masonic spirituality

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Paris, France. A unique moment in the existence of any Masonic Obedience is celebrating a century since its foundation. GLNF will celebrate this year a century under the motto "100 years of Masonic spirituality." After a long and difficult period for GLNF's members, 2013 will be concluded with a celebration designed to raise awareness of the spiritual importance of the type of Freemasonry practiced by and within the French National Grand Lodge.

Founded in 1913, a year before the 1st World War, GLNF (Grande Loge Nationale Indépendante et Régulière pour la France et les Colonies françaises, as it was called at the time) merged through absorption several times after the 2nd World War, the most important being that of 1964, when many members (practicing the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite) of the Grand Lodge of France joined GLNF.

Currently GLNF is one of the largest Masonic organizations in the Hexagon, maintaining fraternal relations with more than 100 Grand Lodges worldwide. It should also be noted that GLNF is one of the most important organizations that supported the founding of  Grand Lodges on the African continent, the cradle of human civilization.


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