Honorary President of the World Conference of Grand Lodges visited Moldova

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Chisinau, Moldova. Honorary President of the World Conference of Grand Lodges, Thomas Jackson, visited Moldova last week. On this occasion, Jackson and the Grand Master of Moldova, Iurie Sedleţchi, granted an interview.

The Grand Master of Moldova talked about the openness of Moldavian Freemasonry in society and stated that there are members of Parliament and Government in Chisinau which are Freemasons, but their identity can be disclosed only with their approval.

Thomas Jackson spoke about democracy and freedom and the relationship of these two concepts with Freemasonry, saying that where there is no democracy there is no Freemasonry. In this context he said that unfortunately no one talks about the fact that Hitler persecuted people because they were Freemasons or that in countries like Japan and Iran (during history) Freemasons were persecuted. Moreover, Jackson said that proof of this is that the Grand Lodge of Iran works in exile in the United States: "The great enemies of Freemasonry are people like Khomeini, Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini, Franco etc."

Finally, Thomas Jackson talked about an important aspect of the Freemasons: philanthropy. "American Freemasons donate a million and a half dollars daily, 365 days a year," said the President of Honour of the World Conference of Grand Lodges.


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