Religious and Masonic leaders will have a multilateral dialogue with the leaders of the European Union

Monday 8 June 2015

Brussels, Belgium. On June 2, 2015 took place the meeting of the First Vice-President of the European Commission (Frans Timmermans) with the leaders of 7 European Masonic organizations and of 4 secular organizations. The discussions were focused on how we can live together respecting disagreements. Within the multilateral dialogue were reached topics such as freedom of expression, youth education, immigration and economic crisis.

The event was attended by Nieves BAYO GALLEGO (Spanish Symbolic Grand Lodge), Catherine Jeannin-NALTET (Women's Grand Lodge of France), Daniel KELLER (Grand Orient of France), Dimitrios LYBERIS (International Masonic Order DELPHI), Yvette RAMON (International Mixed Masonic Order HUMAN RIGHT), Tomasz SZMAGIER (Grand Orient of Poland) and Steven WARMOES (Grand Lodge of Belgium).

For the first time since this multilateral meeting is organized it was requested that the next meeting to be attend also by religious leaders during the same session with those of Freemasonry in Europe. Both First Vice-President of the European Commission (Frans Timmermans) and Vice President of the European Parliament (Antonio Tajani) agreed.

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