Communist Party of Cuba tries to subordinate the Grand Lodge of Cuba

Monday, 5 September 2011

Havana, Cuba. According to Diario Masónico the Communist Party of Cuba tries to manipulate the Grand Lodge. Alberto Rojas Aguiar, Grand Secretary of the Grand Lodge of Cuba convoqued the Grand Council on September 25, 2011, having on the agenda 46 points. It is believed that the possible change of the Masonic legislation in Cuba will produce negative effects, especially if we consider the elections for the office of Grand Master in 2012.

Several Brothers of the Grand Lodge, with knowledge on Masonic jurisprudence, have made it clear that the current power can not win elections. However, there are more and more people who believe that the current Grand Master, José Ramón González Díaz, will do anything to run again. There is a Lodge strongly supporting his re-election and that particular Lodge is known to be one that supports the communist agent Dr. José Collera Vento, former Grand Master of Cuba, disclosed a few months ago.


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