Conferences and events attended by APMR

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

  • International Conference "Culture in Diplomacy"
  • International Conference in Istanbul (empowering women)
  • Social Media Week
  • Public Conference on "Internet freedom" in Washington
  • International seminar organized within the International Year of African descendants in the Western Hemisphere
  • Conferences organized under the US-Russia Presidential Commission talks on Mass Media
  • Conference "100th Anniversary of International Women's Day"
  • Conference "Digital Diplomacy"
  • International conference "Development of clean technologies"
  • International conferences organized during World Press Freedom Day
  • Colloquium "Dialogue with Young African leaders"
  • Open Discussion: "The organization as a tool for social change: talk with young leaders in governance"
  • Open Discussion: "Dialogue with young African leaders and the continued commitment to young Africans"
  • Open Discussion: "Youth and the transatlantic partnership"
  • Conference "International Year of African descendents"
  • Conference "5 Myths about Information Age"
  • Conference "Human Voice of Freedom: The Internet and Human Rights"
  • Conference on women's rights in the Arab world
  • Seminar "Libraries in armed conflict areas"
  • Open discussion on "Press Freedom in Europe"
  • Conference on Asians in the U.S.A.
  • World Conference on "Civilizations and Welfare of the Human Family"
  • Open discussion on food security
  • Debate launched ASAGRI on the current situation in the Middle East
  • COP 16 and COP 17 Summit
  • Conference on the use of new media
  • UNESCO Conference (Teaching Respect for All) - participation
  • Debate on the 2012 elections in the United States of America
  • Etc.


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