GLNF's Polynesian Brethren recall their legitimacy in French Polynesia

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Papeetē, France. On February 27th, 2012, a new information letter was sent by the leaders of the four GLNF Masonic Lodges in French Polynesia to the Grand Masters in North America and to the Grand Master of UGLE. Pierre FONTAINE, François RIBET, Stéphane BOUTHEON and Hervé BOITELLE reiterate that GLNF is present in French Polynesia since January 17th, 1987, by founding five Masonic Lodges. They are also informing that just the members of the Poe Rava and Te Parau Mo'a Lodges left GLNF to create the Regular Grand Lodge of Tahiti and Archipelagos and they are remembering that to create a Masonic Grand Lodge you need three Masonic Lodges in good stance.

Among all other observations made by the Polynesian Brethren, they underline the administrative report between GLNF's Grand Master and Grand Secretariat and the Polynesian Worshipful Masters and Masonic Lodges.

They are asking is two Grand Lodges can occupy the same jurisdiction by being regular (APMR recalls that in countries such as Colombia, Brazil etc. there are more then two Regular Grand Lodges recognized by UGLE); they are also underlying once more that French Polynesia is not a sovereign country.


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