The representative of the President of the European Commission attended RMI 2012, event organized by the Feminine Grand Lodge of Romania

Monday, 21 May 2012

Bucharest, Romania. On May 11, 2012 was held the sixth edition of the International Masonic Reunion, event organized by the Feminine Grand Lodge of Romania. The conference washeld at the Bragadiru Palace, in the presence of members of diplomatic corps accredited in Bucharest, professors, academics and leaders of various Masonic organizations in Europe, Africa, South America and North America.

The guest of honor at this event was the President of the European Commission, represented by Katharina von Schnurbein who held a conference regarding the European Year 2012 and recalled that the EU appreciates the interest of the organization for this very important topic on the agenda in Brussels.

During the meeting were held two conferences with different themes, and among the speakers were Katharina von Schnurbein, Prof. Catalina Tudose (founder of the Romanian Society for Alzheimer), Prof. Vasile Soporan, Dr. Jaime Chalita Zarur etc.

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