Latest: Marc Henry is the new Grand Master of Grand Lodge of France

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Paris, France. According to the communique received by APMR's Secretary-General yesterday, Marc Henry was elected Grand Master of the GLdF. Henry won (60%) against Philippe Charruel. In the Annual Communication yesterday, representatives from 850 GLdF's Lodges voted to elect a new leader.

Marc Henry (66 years) is a member of the Grand Lodge of France since 1976 (Memphis-France Lodge, where he was also Worshipful Master). Untuil now he was the 1st Deputy Grand Master of Dubart. After the vote, he insisted: "(...) the importance of the Masonic method in these turbulent times in which man is in search of values ​​and perspectives to make sense of his life, beyond material contingencies and serving the society."

Also, Marc Henry said, referring to the policy of opening of the Grand Lodge that: "This policy is essential to raise awareness of the Grand Lodge's work and contribute to a better understanding of Freemasonry in the spirit of freedom and brotherhood."


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