Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite: England suspends recognition for France

Monday, 9 February 2015

London, United Kingdom. A month ago (8 January 2015), the Supreme Council for England and Wales announced the suspension of recognition for the Supreme Council for France (SCplF). The decision of the Supreme Council in London has immediate effect and stipulates, among other, that the members of the Scottish Order in England should not to visit the Lodges/Chapters under the jurisdiction of the AASR of SCplF. Also, members SCplF's members must not visit the Lodges/Chapters within the jurisdiction of the Supreme Council for England and Wales.

Given the position adopted by the current leader of SCplF (Jean-Luc Fauque, President of the Confederation of European Supreme Councils) regarding the French National Grand Lodge and taking into account the decision of the United Grand Lodge of England, it is understandable why the English Jurisdiction of the AASR decided to suspend relations with the Supreme Council for France.

Equally important was the lack of representatives from Northern and Southern Jurisdictions of the AASR for the United States at SCplF's Annual Communication in December 2014. It is important to observe which will be the international reactions following the decision in London and how and if Fauque will be received at the biennial of the Supreme Council for the Southern Jurisdiction of the United States of America (Washington D.C.).


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