A "François Stifani" in Havana?

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Havana, Cuba. It seems that Cuba could pass through a Masonic scandal similar to that of France. According to a Special Circular #183, circulating among the Lodges in Cuba, the Grand Master José Ramón González Díaz shows how he manage the Grand Lodge (from administrative issues to GLC's foreign affairs issues). Within the Grand Lodge is a trend against the current leadership given the approaching elections for the office of Grand Master.

According the same sources the Grand Master complains about the continuous campaigns of defamation against him. It also refers to the recognition of a Grand Lodge from Central and Southeastern Europe, and the works of the World Conference.

In the same vein, the circular points all donations and travel costs. An important issue is the realization of several projects:

  • Computerization of the Grand Lodge
  • AJEF's restoration
  • Helping farmer Freemasons in the country to build agricultural cooperatives


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