Freemasons in Valencia say "NO" to the papal visit to Spain

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Valencia, Spain. A group of Spanish Freemasons protest against Pope's Benedict XVI visit in the Kingdom of Spanish (August 18th to 21st, 2011). The same manifesto is signed by a number of 130 secular organizations. According to the document containing an inappropriate language toward a head of state, those organizations are accuses the Pope that he wants to "reconquer" a country moving away from the morality and religiosity of the papacy.

Also, the manifest shows that the Spanish government will spend 25 million euros for this visit. The Masonic Press Agency of Romania wants to mention that the initiative of this group of Brothers Freemasons does not represent the expression of the Grand Lodge of Spain.


Masonic Times

Agencia de Prensa Masónica

Agência de Imprensa Maçônica