II Masonic Congress, Bolivia 2011

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia. The Grand Commission of Foreign Affairs (Symbolic Grand Lodge of Paraguay) informs that the II Masonic Congress of Bolivia was a total success. The event took place in Santa Cruz de la Sierra. From August 12 to 14, the Bolivian Freemasonry celebrated. "From the speculative Freemasonry to the executive Freemasonry," it was the theme of this year.

GLSP's delegation was led by Grand Master Euclides Acevedo, consisting of : Past Grand Master, Ignacio Mendoza Unzaín, the Amity Guarantor with the Grand Lodge of Bolivia, Fernando Ramos, President of the Grand Committee of Foreign Affairs, Raúl Pintor Grassi, Brother Marco Patussi, member of the mentioned commission etc.

Other participants at the event were the Executive Secretary of the Inter-American Masonic Confederation, Rafael Aragon Guevara, Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Guatemala, Jose Domingo Fuentes, Secretary of International Affairs of the Grand Orient of Brazil, Tullio Colacciopo, Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Paraná, Iraq Da Silva, Past Grand Master of the Grand Orient of Santa Catarina, Rubens Franz, and other Masonic authorities from Uruguay, Chile and Peru.


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