Another success for the French National Grand Lodge: Grand Lodge of Washington DC reestablishes relations with GLNF

Friday 17 May 2013

Washington, United States of America. Several months ago GLNF began a series of reforms to restore its legitimate status within the international Masonic scene. The first step was the election of Jean-Pierre Servel in the office of Grand Master. The second step was the adoption of reforms which led to the suspension and removal of Stifani from GLNF.

As a result of these required decisions, GLNF began to reap the first fruits of its labor: Grand Orient of Brazil restored fraternal relations with GLNF and then was the turn of the Grand Lodge of Washington DC (Grand Master Teko Foly) to do the same.

On May 14, 2013, the official announcement was made by GLNF's Grand Master. During the Annual Communication in Washington, the decision regarding GLNF was adopted unanimously. The impact of the decisions taken in Brasilia (in Latin America) and Washington (in North America), plus the strong position of Grand Chancellor of the United Grand Lodge of England will help GLNF this year to proudly celebrate its centenary.

If Europe's Grand Lodges that have initiated the process of withdrawal of recognition regarding GLNF are not reacting yet as their counterparts in Washington, in the horizon arises the problem of the Supreme Council for France which will be forced to depart from the way adopted so far.

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