APMR's Secretary-General: "a new holistic vision"

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Bucharest, Romania. Following the Extraordinary (12 May) and Ordinary (21 May) Sessions, APMR's Secretary-General issued the Decree 9/2013/6013, Decree which will be officially communicated during the Ordinary Session of 21 June 2013, the last of this Masonic year, reports the Secretariat of Communications Technology and Information (SeCTI).

APMR's Secretary-General stated that: "(...) the approach taken by certain Masonic bodies of national and international character, (...), symbolic and philosophical character, regarding a new holistic vision at an international and European level (...), forces us to turn our actions where we have been watching for the last two years."

He also added that: "Masonic reductionism has started declining since the beginning of this century, emphasizing in 2012 and continuing its increase until 2017 and beyond. This new holistic vision must be taken into account starting with the new Masonic year."


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