Grand Lodge (Metropolitan) of London is in the midst of a new dispute

Sunday 28 August 2011

London, United Kingdom. A week ago The Telegraph presented a survey on the relationship between the Grand Lodge (Metropolitan) of London and police officers. The investigation was not presented in an unbiased manner, implying that the officers would boycott the English PM decisions.

Cameron's plan involves reducing government expenditure budget to overcome the crisis and the investigation indicated that Sine Favore Lodge is fighting the decision. The Worshipful Master of the Lodge is John Tully, who lately attacked Cameron, bringing accusations regarding the bad management of the situation concerning the violence in London.

Dissension in the Grand Lodge of Benin

Cotonou, Benin. According to Africa Intelligence, the Grand Lodge of Benin went through a difficult period, when a group of Brethren tried to overthrow Grand Master Vincent Nicoué.

XI Conference of the African Grand Lodges

Cape Town, South Africa. During August 17 to 18, 2011, was held the XI Conference of the African Grand Lodges. The continental Masonic meeting was hosted this year by the Grand Lodge of South Africa. African delegations were led by their Grand Masters and Grand Secretaries.

As a continuation of the African Conference of Grand Lodges, on August 19-21, 2011, in the same town were held the festivities to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Grand Lodge of South Africa.

II Masonic Congress, Bolivia 2011

Saturday 27 August 2011

Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia. The Grand Commission of Foreign Affairs (Symbolic Grand Lodge of Paraguay) informs that the II Masonic Congress of Bolivia was a total success. The event took place in Santa Cruz de la Sierra. From August 12 to 14, the Bolivian Freemasonry celebrated. "From the speculative Freemasonry to the executive Freemasonry," it was the theme of this year.

GLSP's delegation was led by Grand Master Euclides Acevedo, consisting of : Past Grand Master, Ignacio Mendoza Unzaín, the Amity Guarantor with the Grand Lodge of Bolivia, Fernando Ramos, President of the Grand Committee of Foreign Affairs, Raúl Pintor Grassi, Brother Marco Patussi, member of the mentioned commission etc.

Other participants at the event were the Executive Secretary of the Inter-American Masonic Confederation, Rafael Aragon Guevara, Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Guatemala, Jose Domingo Fuentes, Secretary of International Affairs of the Grand Orient of Brazil, Tullio Colacciopo, Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Paraná, Iraq Da Silva, Past Grand Master of the Grand Orient of Santa Catarina, Rubens Franz, and other Masonic authorities from Uruguay, Chile and Peru.

Regional Masonic Symposium (GLEG)

Goiânia, Brazil. The event takes place on August 26 and 27, 2011, under the auspices of the Grand Lodge of Goias. More information here.

Freemasonry in São Paulo talks about the results of the local elections

Friday 26 August 2011

Freemasons in Valencia say "NO" to the papal visit to Spain

Wednesday 17 August 2011

Valencia, Spain. A group of Spanish Freemasons protest against Pope's Benedict XVI visit in the Kingdom of Spanish (August 18th to 21st, 2011). The same manifesto is signed by a number of 130 secular organizations. According to the document containing an inappropriate language toward a head of state, those organizations are accuses the Pope that he wants to "reconquer" a country moving away from the morality and religiosity of the papacy.

Also, the manifest shows that the Spanish government will spend 25 million euros for this visit. The Masonic Press Agency of Romania wants to mention that the initiative of this group of Brothers Freemasons does not represent the expression of the Grand Lodge of Spain.

Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge of California

Tuesday 16 August 2011

San Francisco, United States of America. During September 23rd to 25th, 2011, will take place the Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge of California. The event will be held at the Masonic Temple in San Francisco and with the same occasion, there will be a Fair for Freemasons and their families.

President Ollanta Humala Tasso demanded to immediately begin rebuilding the city of Pisco

Sunday 14 August 2011

Lima, Peru. The Patriotic Grand Lodge of Peru informs that the President of Peru, Commander Ollanta Humala Tasso demanded that the army engineering battalions to immediately begin rebuilding the city of Pisco and areas affected by earthquake in 2007 (600 dead and over 400,000 people affected), ending years of corruption.

Source: GLPP

150 years since the founding of the Grand Lodge of Colorado

Saturday 13 August 2011

Denver, United States of America. Grand Lodge of Coloradocelebrates this year its 150 anniversary since its founding in 1861. On this occasion a commemorative coin was issued. Currently, the Grand Lodge is led by Brother John V. Egan III.

COMACA (Masonic Confederation of Central America) XLIV ANNUAL MEETING

Granada, Nicaragua. COMACA's President (Masonic Confederation of Central America), Most Worshipful Juan José Medina Vargas invites all Brethren to attend the XLIV ANNUAL MEETING to be held in Granada, on September 2nd to 4th, 2011. The invitation is only for Brethren of Regular Grand Lodges. COMACA is composed of Masonic Grand Lodges within the Inter-American Masonic Confederation (CMI).

Regional Masonic Symposium

Goiânia, Brazil. The Grand Lodge of Goias will organize on August 26th and 27th, 2011, a regional Masonic symposium in the town of Quirinopolis. The official opening ceremony of the event will be held at the Municipal Theatre Teotónio Vilela.

Symbolic Grand Lodge of Paraguay: The truth about Freemasonry split in Paraguay

Asuncion, Paraguay. The Symbolic Grand Lodge of Paraguay published last week the story about the recent history of Freemasonry in Paraguay. The document recounts the evolution of division of the Grand Lodge, and illustrates legal and Masonic materials referring to the decisions taken in this regard. GLSP regrets the bad management of the situation reached by the Masonic society in the country, but is aware that events must be notified to Brethren worldwide.

Grand Lodge of New York offers scholarships worth $ 500,000

Wednesday 10 August 2011

New York, United States of America. The Grand Lodge of New York granted a scholarship to Kimberly Lepore from Stanfordville. The scholarship are awarded through the New York Masonic Education Assistance Program. The program includes children and grandchildren of Masons widows. This year the Grand Lodge of New York has awarded 669 scholarships totaling $ 500,000.

Freemasonry in Chile is concerned with the country's energy independence

Saturday 6 August 2011

Santiago, Chile. On August 8th, 2011, will take place a conference on "National Energy Policy and HidroAysén project." The event is organized by Redención #72 Lodge and Prometeo #101 Lodge, both from the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of Chile. The conference will take place the Club of the Republic, and the event will be attended by Senator Antonio Horvath and Sara Larraín (Director of the "Chile Sustenable" Program).

Fourth Masonic Football Cup

Campo Grande, Brazil. On July 9th, 2011, was held the Fourth Masonic Football Cup, attended by the Mayor of Capo Grande (Dr. Nelson Trad Filho), the President of the Municipal Sports Club (Professor Carlos Alberto de Assis), the President of the State Legislative (Brother Marcio Lolli Ghetti) who is also head of the Grand Lodge of Mato Grosso do Sul and other Worshipful Masters and Masonic authorities.

For this edition were invited to participate in the Perfecta Armonía #129 Lodge (from Concepción) and Columna de la Ley Lodge (winner of last edition). The end result was 3-1 for the Perfecta Armonía #129 Lodge.

Grand Lodge of India brings electricity to isolated areas in the country

Nagpur, India. Raksha villagers, situated in the heart of the Melghat tiger reserve began to have access to electricity. This was possible thanks to the partnership between NCSA and the Grand Lodge of India.

It should be noted that a few months ago the Grand Lodge of India launched a national program (Jyotirgamaya) on solar energy for people in isolated areas.

A "François Stifani" in Havana?

Havana, Cuba. It seems that Cuba could pass through a Masonic scandal similar to that of France. According to a Special Circular #183, circulating among the Lodges in Cuba, the Grand Master José Ramón González Díaz shows how he manage the Grand Lodge (from administrative issues to GLC's foreign affairs issues). Within the Grand Lodge is a trend against the current leadership given the approaching elections for the office of Grand Master.

According the same sources the Grand Master complains about the continuous campaigns of defamation against him. It also refers to the recognition of a Grand Lodge from Central and Southeastern Europe, and the works of the World Conference.

In the same vein, the circular points all donations and travel costs. An important issue is the realization of several projects:

  • Computerization of the Grand Lodge
  • AJEF's restoration
  • Helping farmer Freemasons in the country to build agricultural cooperatives

Police in Spain catches the author of the Masonic robbery

Salamanca, Spain. According to El Mundo, the national police caught a thief who stole a Masonic mask worth 6,000 euros. The thief removed the object from the hall "Museum restoration of a Masonic Lodge" inside the Centro Documental de la Memoria Histórica.

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