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(adapted for international use)

The Editorial Policy (hereinafter EP) is a set of rules and values that are guiding a newsroom, being the main filter for sorting the articles to be published. Thus, through the EP, it can be decided what kind of news are suitable for publication and which are the angles of approach.

EP is more than rules. It means vision, professional, moral, cultural and political values, strategies etc. In a word, it means positioning, and this position is assumed by the entire editorial staff of the Masonic Agency.

EP defines the public of the Masonic Agency, which is predominantly a Masonic public, institutional public (profane spectrum) and profane public.

EP is subject to the dynamics of the development of the International Masonic Community and to the evolution of the Masonic Agency itself.

According to the USAGE POLICY (hereinafter UP)
set out below:

USAGE POLICY | Information and advice regarding the use of the articles (news, info, interviews etc.) of the Masonic Agency

  • Non of the articles (news, info, interviews etc.) of the Masonic Agency (or from any other partner site or that belongs to the Masonic Agency) can not be sold, used for marketing/advertising or used for promotional purposes.
  • All articles (news, info, interviews etc.) taken from the Masonic Agency (or from any other partner site or that belongs to the Masonic Agency) must be accompanied by an indication of the direct source as follows: Masonic Press Agency and insertion in the mentioned text (Masonic Press Agency) of the exact link which will redirect the reader to the precise source. To do this you must require the approval of the Masonic Agency.
  • The articles (news, info, interviews etc.) that are exclusive (including INTERVIEWS) can not be reproduced under any circumstances. Photos and videos or texts (articles) can be distributed, on request, to government institutions, NGOs etc.
  • No article (news, info, interviews etc.) may be used in programs (TV, radio etc.), written/online articles or printed/online publications slandering the Masonic Agency or its allies.
  • If the Masonic Agency or one of its allied organizations is criticized, the Masonic Agency states its position clear that it does not want to be associated with such broadcasts, publications and articles.
  • The Masonic Agency reserves the exclusive right to request immediate deletion/removal of any of its articles located on an external format which does not belong to the Agency’s structure.

The EDITORIAL POLICY of the Masonic Agency
states the following:

  1. The Masonic Agency publishes articles (news/info, analysis and interviews) with Masonic content or having Masonic cultural, social, political etc links.
  2. The Masonic Agency publishes articles (Art. 1) in English, Spanish and Portuguese. The Masonic Agency can limit access or remove published articles at any time (without making a prior announcement).
  3. Articles (Art. 1) and editorials (belonging to The Masonic Agency) published via satellites are published in English, Spanish and Portuguese.
  4. The decision whether to publish or not articles (Art. 1) on the web networks and/or satellites of the Masonic Agency belongs, in the first phase, to SeCTI (Secretariat of Communication Technology and Information) and, in exceptional cases, to the Secretariat General or to the President of the Council (the supreme executive body).
  5. Articles (Art. 1) published on the web networks of the Masonic Agency should not exceed 2-3 short and concise phrases.
  6. Where appropriate, the President of the Council, Secretariat General and/or SeCTI may decide that the number of phrases (Art. 5) and their complexity to increase.
  7. Articles (Art. 3) published via satellites may comprise more than 2/3 phrases and can be complex.
  8. The institution of the "right of reply" is essential to our ethics. Following those expressed in Art. 5, the content of the right of reply should be limited to a maximum of short and concise 2-3 phrases. If the right of reply does not comply with these parameters, the publication of it can be done on one of the satellites of the Masonic Agency.
  9. The Masonic Agency does not assume responsibility for the translation of the right of reply in other languages, if the text delivered to the Masonic Agency was sent in only one language.


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