The Masonic Agency has resumed its activity | 30 June 6016

Thursday 30 June 2016

Today, 30 June 6016, took place the last session of the Council in order to prepare the relaunch of the Masonic Agency. According to those discussed it was settled the following: changing the management and decision structure and contact information.

In terms of image the Agency has decided to change the communication system, using an unique hashtag (# FM24h) for all social networks and adopting a new logo. It was also proposed to close the Lusophone department.

Regarding the administrative level it was decided to revise the Constitution, Statutes of the Advisory Body and Decrees (cancelling them if applicable). It was also decided to introduce the strategy of intervention.

The Council will meet monthly on 21. The official holidays of the Agency are: 5 February and 30 August. The Masonic Agency has resumed its activity today, 30 June 6016.

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