Elections for the office of President of the Council of the Masonic Agency

Monday 4 July 2016

This week, the Secretary-General ad interim will start the necessary procedures for ending the interim management of the Agency and to leave the office.

The procedure requires amending the Constitution and the Statute of the Advisory Body. Also, by installing a new leadership at the helm of the Masonic Agency, the attributes of the General Secretariat will be taken over temporarily by the Secretariat of Communications Technology and Information (SeCTI). Among those running for the leadership of the Council will be the coordinator of the Chancellery for Foreign Affairs, currently Secretary General ad interim and President ex officio of the Council.

Since the beginning of the Agency till 30 August 2010, the Agency was headed by its Founder. Subsequently, from 30 August 2010 to 2015, the Agency was headed by a Secretary General who served ex officio as President of the Council. Starting with this year, the office of President of the Council will an elective one, and a part of the duties of the Secretary-General will go to the office of President who will lead an executive Council and not a consultative one, as it was during 2010 - 2016, according to the Constitution.


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