GLNF | Stifani wins the elections

Saturday, 31 March 2012

Paris, France. After more than two years of fighting that have damaged GLNF's image, Stifani managed to win the elections as leader of the French National Grand Lodge. He received 45% of the total number of votes.

GLNF | Stifani is credited with the best chance to be elected Grand Master

Friday, 30 March 2012

Paris, France. Today is elected the new Grand Master of the French National Grand Lodge. The election process shall be by secret ballot and the candidate who will get most in the first round will be elected Grand Master.

Theoretically, F. Stifani is the candidate most likely to win, ahead of Jean Murat and Servel.

Today began the Annual Communication of the Grand Orient of Italy

Rimini, Italy. This morning started the Annual Communication of the Grand Orient of Italy, this year's theme being "Beyond the crisis, the compass of values ​​to find the man." Jurnal Masonic will follow the events in Italy and will publish an editorial on this issue.

Specialists and academics will discussed this important issue in accordance with the principles of the Masonic Order. Consorzio AIA Palas is a recent construction, with a contemporary architectural design.

Grand Lodge of Peru celebrates today its 130 anniversary

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Lima, Peru. Today takes place the installation ceremony of the new leadership of the Grand Lodge of Peru, as well as the 130th anniversary.

Also today will take place the installation ceremony of the new Grand Master Eli Hildebrando Machuca Araujo. The events are held in the Temple (Julio F. Iriarte) of Lima.

Grand Lodge of Chile | José Miguel Insulza - OAS Secretary-General

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Santiago, Chile. The Secretary-General of the Organization of American States will attend Monday a conference organized by the Grand Lodge of Chile concerning the future of the country. José Miguel Insulza will expose his view on Chile for 2012-2032.

Gustavo Raffi | Who are Freemasons in reality?

Friday, 23 March 2012

Rome, Italy. The Grand Master of Grand Orient of Italy attended the yesterday the Rai 3 show hosted by journalist Corrado Augias, "Le Storie". Raffi answered several questions about Freemasonry.

One of these questions was the presence of the catholic Freemasons within the Vatican. The Grand Master said: "I personally do not believe it," adding that "the one who is in charge of the city of God, should deal with the city of God and not intervene in human life."

Raffi talked about the symbols on the 1$ bill, the "Magic Flute" and Freemasonry which sometimes had to work as a secret society. However, the focus of the discussion was the role of Freemasonry in the unification and independence of Italy in the nineteenth century.

Asked by one of the students present in the studio, the Grand Master said that women Freemasonry does exist and the Women's Grand Lodge of England has over 100 years. He also said that the Grand Orient of Italy has paramasonic female organizations. In this respect, Corrado Augias asked Raffi if GOI is like the Catholic Church, and he offered a short "no" as an answer.

"A country that does not invest in school is a dead country," said Raffi regarding his vision on education as a Freemason and Grand Master. During the program there were two funny moments when the mobile of the Grand Master ranged twice and he said that he has no secret that, that the real secret is that there are no secrets.

Mexican Freemasonry celebrated 206 years since the birth of Benito Juarez Garcia

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Mexico City, Mexico. Grand Lodges of of Mexico and federal authorities together with Armed Forces celebrated yesterday the 206 anniversary of the birth of Benito Juarez Garcia, the statesman, visionary, liberal, Freemason and the first Native American President in history.

photo: Presidency of the United Mexican States

APMR's Secretary-General pays homage to Benito Juarez Garcia, recalling the monumental importance that he has in the living conscience of the national spirit of Mexico, liberalism and the struggle for peace and diversity, even now in this century.

Today takes place the Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge of Norway

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Oslo, Norway. During the day takes place in Oslo the Annual Communications of the Grand Lodge of Norway, known as the Norwegian Order of Freemasons. The event will be attended by several representatives of the European Grand Lodges, including Luciano D'Alessandro, Assistant Grand Master (Regular Grand Lodge of Italy).

Grand Lodge of Goiás has paid homage to the founder of Tecidos Tita

Monday, 19 March 2012

Goiânia, Brazil. The Grand Lodge of Goiás wanted to reiterate the importance of Mrs. Maria Fernandes Goes Madruga in the economic development of the Midwest region of Brazil. Tecidos Tita is one of the leading textile companies in that region.

Maria Fernandes de Góes was invited at the headquarters of the Grand Lodge where it was held a special ceremony to remember the importance of her work for decades in the economic development of the region in which the Grand Lodge of Goiás works.

The event was attended, among others, by: Brother Edson Costa Araújo (Commander of Military Police of the State of Goiás), Brother Adolfo Ribeiro Valadares (GLEG's Deputy Grand Master) and Brother Naves Lázero Rodrigues (from GOEG).

Grand Orient of Parana celebrates it 60th anniversary

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Curitiba, Brazil. The Grand Orient of Parana celebrates today its 60th anniversary. At today's ceremony will attend various Grand Lodges and Grand Orients from Brazil and South America. GOP is a member of the COMAB and IMC.

Minister of Justice of Colombia (Juan Carlos Esguerra) attends today the debate organized by the Grand Lodge of Colombia

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Bogotá, Colombia. Minister of Justice and Rights of Columbia (Juan Carlos Esguerra) will attend a debate organized by the Grand Lodge of Colombia.

The Minister will attend the Forum on Reform and Justice to be held in the headquarters of the Grand Lodge of Colombia, attended also by the General of the National Police, Brother Edgar Peña and Brother Fabio Aristizabal, former judge of the Supreme Court.

UGLE | Freemasonry needs more transparency

London, United Kingdom. The United Grand Lodge of England adopts a new model, one of normality for the 21th century society. UGLE recognizes the need for openness and greater transparency of Freemasonry.

According to BBC, the Grand Secretary of the United Grand Lodge of England, Nigel Brown, answered several questions sent via Twitter, e-mail etc. The questions came from England, USA, Nigeria, Colombia and other countries. The question of Ana Milena Gongora (from Columbia) on the conspiracy theories, has received a clear answer from the Grand Secretary: "All conspiracy theories annoy us as they are just that - conspiracy with no truth or grounding."

Grand Lodge of Mark Masons of Prince Michael of Kent has been sued

London, United Kingdom. The High Court of London will judge the case of Grand Lodge of Mark Masons. The amount: £ 673,000. The information is confirmed by The Telegraph, which mention that one member (Paul Hunter) has requested the payment of 673,000 pounds for the designed logos.

photo: Wikipedia

The Queen was the one who granted the signs used by the Grand Lodge, according to the same article.

Quarterly Communication of the United Grand Lodge of England

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

London, United Kingdom. The United Grand Lodge of England meets today at its Quarterly Communication. The event is held in Freemasons' Hall in Great Queen Street.

Without dissent

Bucharest, Romania. According to the decision taken Saturday night, APMR is committed to support absolutely none of the dissent groups of the Romanian Grand Lodges.

Cucuteni-Trypillia | Ancient Civilization of Europe

Monday, 12 March 2012

The Story of Agriculture and the Green Economy

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Today takes place the Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge of Spain

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Madrid, Spain. Today at 10:00 began in Madrid the Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge of Spain led by Grand Master Oscar de Alfonso Ortega. At the Grand Lodge's event are attending Grand Lodges of Europe and of the Western Hemisphere.

In about an hour will the Annual Communication's works will resume and will be held the welcome ceremony of the officials of the Grand Lodge and foreign delegations. Also, the Grand Orator and Grand Secretary will read the annual reports of the Grand Lodge and will take place the ratification of decisions since the last Annual Communication.

In the second part will be announced the name of the Grand Treasurer and Grand Orator and Professor J. A. Ferrer Benimelli will be honored for his effort and dedication to the study of Freemasonry. The new officials of the Grand Lodge will be sworn in and the Grand Master will present his annual message. The ceremony will end at 20:00, followed by a dinner in honor of all guests.

Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge of Monaco

Friday, 9 March 2012

Monte Carlo, Monaco. Between 8 and 9 March, in Monte Carlo takes place the Annual Communications of the Grand Lodge of the Principality of Monaco, a young masonic organization headed by Grand Master Jean-Pierre Pastor.

Ruy Rocha de Macedo was decorated for his merits

Goiânia, Brazil. The Grand Master of Grand Lodge of Goias, Ruy de Macedo Rocha received the Medal of the Order of Public Safety and Justice. The event took place on March 6 in the presence of the Governor of Goias. Ruy Rocha is one of the most famous Freemasons of Goias, member of the Supreme Council of Brazil and twice Chairman of CMSB.

GLNF draws attention on the situation of Freemasonry in French Polynesia

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Paris, France. Stifani's Assistant Grand Master issued a circular to all the Grand Lodges informing on the situation of Freemasonry in French Polynesia. Philippe Tardivel announced all Grand Masters that the current Grand Master of Grand Lodge of Tahiti was kicked out of GLNF, that the three Lodges which formed the new Grand Lodge were never under GLNF's jurisdiction and that GLNF has no idea in which conditions was installed Grand Master Philippe Gestas.

Tardivel recalls the fact that French Polynesia is under the sovereignty of the French Republic; that the French Republic is a indivisible territory and that GLNF has 4 Masonic Lodges in French Polynesia.

Freemasonry became legal in the United Arab Emirates

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Dubai, United Arab Emirates. According to an information received on February 28 (declassified today by the Secretariat General) from New York, HRH Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum (Premier and Vicepresident, absolute Sovereign of Dubai) approved the establishment of a Masonic Lodge in Dubai. The information was not confirmed by this time.

War continues in GLNF

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Paris, France. According to a survey realized within GLNF's members (conducted via the Internet) on the election of the new Grand Master, Jean Murat results to the favorite candidate for Grand Master.

According to the survey (which has a very large margin of error because voted only about 1500 people) Jean Murat enjoys the greatest confidence. It is considered the man with the necessary authority and has a government program appreciated by most of the respondents. The Respondents believe that Murat will be confirmed by the General Assembly.

Regarding the voting intentions, Jean Murat gathers 45.56%, Alain Juillet 37.61% and Bertrand Heyraud 4.61%. According to the same survey, Stifani enjoys 1.67% of the voting intentions.

EXCLUSIVE | Interview with Past Grand Master Hernando Osorio Rico (running for Executive Secretary of the Inter-American Masonic Confederation)

Friday, 2 March 2012

Interview with Brother Hernando Osorio Rico, Most Worshipful Past Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Colombia at Cartagena de Indias and candidate running for Executive Secretary of the Inter-American Masonic Confederation.

APMR | MWPGM what made you adhere to Freemasonry?

Hernando Osorio | Since I was young I wanted to be a Freemason. A brother of my father was a symbol of the noble man, very liberal, with progressive ideas and an example of accuracy for all of us. When I learned that he was a Freemason, I said that's what I want to be. When I finished university and I started working as a lawyer, I was invited to join the Order and I did not thought any moment to do anything else but to accept it. I was looking primarily for Fraternity, Union, Solidarity, to be part of a select group of Free men and Good Men, interested in making something good for humanity.

Who is Hernando Osorio Rico in the profane life?

Hernando Osorio | I am the seventh of ten siblings. I have sixty-one years. I am married with Gloria Giammaria and we have three children, María Josefina, Hernando and Gloria Isabel, all of them lawyers. I become a lawyer at the University of Cartagena in 1978. I graduate in Criminal Law and Criminology, and I am candidate for PhD in Criminal Law at the Complutense University of Madrid (Spain). I am a professor, an academic coordinator of the Ombudsman Institution and I practice as a lawyer in the professional litigation field in my own law firm, with my children, in Cartagena de Indias.

APMR | You have attended the World Conference of Regular Grand Lodges in 2011, an event organized by your Grand Lodge. What’s your view on the evolution of the Order from an administrative point of view in terms of organizational policies?

Hernando Osorio | Yes, I attended the event as the Executive Chairman of the 11th World Conference of Regular Grand Lodges. From that position I can say that our institution has evolved in recent years. The technological advancement and communication have facilitated the development. In addition, each day we have Brethren with better training in the administrative field. Thanks to this we could organize the 11th World Conference, having the support of all Brethren in our Grand Lodge and benefiting also of the counselling of Tom Jackson's, Rafael Aragon, Tulio Colacciopo, among others, which helped us from the outside. In my opinion, a good organizational policy is fundamental to the success of any institution, especially our institution. The administrative order helps us to rationalize our resources.

APMR | What will you change, in terms of management regarding the inter-institutional and institutional affairs of the IMC with secular institutions and authorities?

Hernando Osorio | Our institution is not designed for sudden changes. So I believe that the inter-institutional relations with the profane authorities must be directed towards a greater improvement so that the implementation of the Masonic principles can be applied to public policies and in those NGOs that have to do with human welfare.

APMR | Based on the previous question, what needs the IMC for the following years to keep up with the changes within the Masonic world?

Hernando Osorio | The IMC must provide a strong policy of education based on Masonic principles so that our members may have contact with this philosophy in the secular organizations and institutions in which they have access. This educational design must utilize the technological advancement obtained by humanity now and in the future. It should take advantage of the experience already gained through the Masonic Learning School, and of the Grand Lodges Schools which are working in the education field. With all these schools we must form a Masonic Education Network (MEN) to share experiences and create mainstream educational policies. On the other hand, we must enforce communication between Grand Lodges, between groups of Brethren united by common interests such as professional, business, commercial etc.

APMR | What would be the role of the Inter-American Masonic Confederation in the development of the profane Latin American society?

Hernando Osorio | Our role should be concentrated on the humanistic aspect of the development of the profane society. It would not be desirable for economic development to disregard men, women, boys and girls in all their dimensions. Our strength lies not in the economic aspect, but in the spiritual one. This is perhaps the most important thing. IMC should contribute to human development to get participatory people, integrated into their environment through communication with their peers and with the environment itself, seeking happiness.

APMR | As a possible future IMC Executive Secretary, what do you think about the need of communication?

Hernando Osorio | The modern world have benefited from communications. Distances have been reduced. Business, academic and scientific operations experienced important developments due to communication. It’s enough to remember that today is possible for a scientist to perform an operation through communications and by using a robot. Universities can now disseminate knowledge to countless people thanks to communications. Freemasonry can not avoid these benefits offered to us by this tool provided by modern man. We have to take advantage not only to strengthen the unity of the Grand Lodges and Freemasons, but also to develop our educational projects and to strengthen MEN (Masonic Education Network).

APMR | What does Hernando Osorio Rico thinks about SOPA and ACTA projects?

Hernando Osorio | Freemasons must be, above all, respectful towards the rights of others. From this perspective we can not stop others to defend their rights. However, the SOPA project (Stop On Line Piracy Act) can cause problems far worse than piracy itself to the online consumption. Most people in the world have rejected the project for considering it an unacceptable interference and, apparently, would be better to create consumer policies to generate more opportunities for access to products protected by copyright laws. Many countries have fought smuggling through an appropriate price policy so that people do not feel benefited more then if they resort to smuggling. Thus, regarding piracy of books, movies, music etc., we must generate a policy of lower prices so that people should not feel the need to resort to piracy.

APMR | What can you tell us about the agreement signed by the IMC and OAS in 2008? What about the project of the Masonic Academy?

Hernando Osorio | I think that the IMC-OSA agreement was not used to its full capacity. There are programs at Latin American level that could be conducted by IMC under this Agreement. This requires the use of a decentralization policy, with the purpose of delegating specific activities related to this agreement to Brethren in various countries of Latin America. Regarding the Masonic Academy, as I said before, it must be taken at the highest possible level. For this we need to support MEN so that the Academy to be a collective effort of all Brethren belonging to the confederated Grand Lodges. Being ambitious, in the future we could have a truly universal far distance learning university and for this we must take advantage of the experiences we have already in Chile, Spain, Mexico, among others.

APMR | If you are elected Executive Secretary of the IMC, which will be the first decision to be taken by you?

Hernando Osorio | To ask my beloved Brethren, holding this position before, IMC’s leaders and Grand Masters to help me implement our institution’s programs, each as we can, and to give IMC the administrative organization to which we all harnessed.

APMR | MWPGM and beloved Brother thank you for granting us this interview.

Hernando Osorio | Thank you dear Brothers for that you have given me the opportunity to present all these concepts through this important Masonic communication media which, with each day gained more and more space among Freemasons worldwide. This is an example of the importance of communication as a tool to disseminate ideas, to contribute to education and unity among Brethren.

I take this opportunity to send a brotherly message to all my Brethren; my biggest thought is that IMC must become a mechanism to strengthen brotherhood among all Latin American Freemasons. May that the G.∙.A.∙.O.∙.T.∙.U.∙. help us, no matter which Brother will be elected as Executive Secretary to engage in generating an environment of brotherhood and unity among all.

Club of Rome | Members will meet in October in Bucharest

Rome, Italy. From October 1 to 3, 2012, will take place the General Assembly of the Club of Rome. According to official release, Romania will host this event. The initiative belongs to the association in Bucharest.

Sadness upon Past Grand Master Justice Devinder Gupta

Thursday, 1 March 2012

New Delhi, India. It is with great sadness that we inform all Brethren about the death of Mrs. Neena Gupta, wife of MWPGM Justice Devinder Gupta (Grand Lodge of India). The cremation ceremony will take place today at Lodhi Road Crematorium in New Delhi at 5 PM.

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