The U.S. government refuses to allow the Grand Master of Cuba to enter the United States

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Havana, Cuba. Regular Freemasonry in Cuba enters in the attention of the media after the Grand Lodge of Cuba's leaders have not received a visa to enter the United States where they were invited by the Grand Lodge of Florida.

In an article by José A. Pérez Gallo, this morning, it shows that the Grand Master (José Ramón González Díaz) and the Grand Secretary (William Rojas Aguiar) of the Grand Lodge of Cuba have not received a visa required to enter the United States. They were outraged by the decision of U.S. officials, not understanding why they are not allowed to enter Florida.

This event comes amid the scandal in March 2011 when the Security of the Communist Party in Havana recognized that Past Grand Master Collera Vento is an undercover agent and has been used to drive this Grand Lodge under the orders of Castro's government.

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