Gustavo Raffi | Who are Freemasons in reality?

Friday 23 March 2012

Rome, Italy. The Grand Master of Grand Orient of Italy attended the yesterday the Rai 3 show hosted by journalist Corrado Augias, "Le Storie". Raffi answered several questions about Freemasonry.

One of these questions was the presence of the catholic Freemasons within the Vatican. The Grand Master said: "I personally do not believe it," adding that "the one who is in charge of the city of God, should deal with the city of God and not intervene in human life."

Raffi talked about the symbols on the 1$ bill, the "Magic Flute" and Freemasonry which sometimes had to work as a secret society. However, the focus of the discussion was the role of Freemasonry in the unification and independence of Italy in the nineteenth century.

Asked by one of the students present in the studio, the Grand Master said that women Freemasonry does exist and the Women's Grand Lodge of England has over 100 years. He also said that the Grand Orient of Italy has paramasonic female organizations. In this respect, Corrado Augias asked Raffi if GOI is like the Catholic Church, and he offered a short "no" as an answer.

"A country that does not invest in school is a dead country," said Raffi regarding his vision on education as a Freemason and Grand Master. During the program there were two funny moments when the mobile of the Grand Master ranged twice and he said that he has no secret that, that the real secret is that there are no secrets.

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