Grand Masonic Temple of Oaxaca desecrated and robbed

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Oaxaca, Mexico. The Grand Temple of Oaxaca, belonging to the Grand Lodge "Benito Juárez García" was devastated and plundered by Jesús Alfredo López García (President of the Mexican Protectorate of Human Rights). López García was arrested and later released after paying a bail of 30,000 pesos (about $ 3000).

The Grand Temple is located in the historic center of the city, being an architectural monument visited over the years by various personalities, including President Porfirio Díaz, informs Mariano Arista Lodge #2 (APMR's state collaborator in SLP, Mexico).

Grand Master Felipe Moisés Pérez Cruz and the President of the National College of Lawyers Freemasons, Jaime Alejandro Velasco Martínez, expressed their dissatisfaction regarding the court decision to release the offender.

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