England, Scotland and Ireland present at GLNF's Annual Communication

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Paris, France. GLNF's status on the Masonic world scene is clear, and this was visibly noted at the Annual Communication of the French National Grand Lodge held in Paris. GLNF, the second largest Masonic force in France (according with the number of Freemasons) conducted this Saturday (December 6th) the Annual Communication which was attended by 47 Grand Lodges, alongside the United Grand Lodge of England, the Grand Lodge of Scotland and the Grand Lodge of Ireland.

The event was attended by representatives of the Grand Lodges of Brazil, Albania, Slovakia, Ghana, Montenegro, Cyprus, Macedonia, Mauritius, Niger, Armenia, Cameroon, Djibouti, Congo, Andorra, Morocco, Moldova, Guinea, Croatia, Burkina Faso, Madagascar Russia, Benin, Bulgaria, Togo, China (Taipei), Israel, Poland, Portugal, Ivory Coast, Gabon, Spain, Czech Republic, Serbia, Turkey, Hungary, Canada, United States, Italy and Romania (which was represented by Grand Master Radu Balanescu, Executive Secretary of the World Conference of Grand Lodges).

The epresentatives of the British Grand Lodges (Grand Master of Scotland, Grand Master of Ireland and Pro Grand Master of England) were cheered at open stage. Grand Master Jean Pierre Servel received from the Duke of Kent the Gold Medal of the United Grand Lodge of England.


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