WORLD PEACE FORUM to take place in Baia Mare, Romania

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Baia Mare, Romania. From May 7 to 10, 2015 will take place the ninth edition of the WORLD PEACE FORUM. The event is held annually by the Schengen Peace Foundation (President Dominicus H. Rohde) of Luxembourg, an NGO founded in 2005 and approved in 2007 by the Grand Duke of Luxembourg. The meeting to be held this year in Romania is organized by TEAM BM | Advocacy (Baia Mare's NGO coalition which includes Rotaract TEAM Baia Mare).

President of the World Peace Forum - Romanian Chapter (host of the meeting), Mr. Dan Adrian POP, stated for the Masonic Press Agency that: "The event is supported by voluntary contributions of participants and other international organizations. At the local level, in Baia Mare, currently the largest sponsorship was that of the Mayor, Mr. Catalin Cherecheş, Rotary clubs and Maramures County Council".

Also, President Dan Adrian POP noted that "the participation in the event is not subject to payment of a fee but, given that we are a non-profit organization, contributions suggested to cover costs are between 39 and 499 euros". Payments are made through EVENTBRITE.

The topic of this year's meeting is "Finding Common Global Values". For this event already announced their presence delegations from USA, Pakistan, Ukraine, France, Luxembourg, Spain, Argentina, Germany, Brazil, Peru, India, Portugal, Norway, Croatia etc.

Among the speakers are: Vicki Hansen (ex Vice President of the Democratic Party, Advisor to President Obama), Martha Llanos (UNESCO Ambassador), Patricia Pellegrini (Minister of Education of Argentina), Jordi Molto (Catalan Government representative), Prof. José Felix Bentz Oliver (President of the Royal Art Circle of Spain), Prof. Dr. Raphael Pitti (Army General (r) & peace activist in Syria), Naveed Elahi (Advisor to the President of Pakistan) etc. The official press release and the Forum program will be published in the coming days.

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