The Supreme Council, SJ raised almost $ 2 million for charity and restoration of the Scottish Rite Temple in Washington DC

Monday, 18 May 2015

Washington, United States of America. Saturday evening took place a new edition of the CTC, event organized by the Supreme Council for the Southern Jurisdiction of the United States of America. Mission: to raise funds for the restoration of the most famous and most important Scottish Rite Temple in the world (headquarters of the Supreme Council in Washington DC) and raise funds for AASR charitable activities in different Orients of the Southern Jurisdiction.

The event took place in the George Washington Banquet Hall, in the presence of Sovereign Grand Commander R.A. Seale. The AASR leader in Washington has made a considerable effort to attend this event because he was last week in Lisbon, where he attended the XIX World Conference of the Supreme Councils.

The show was peppered with amusing and entertaining moments, one of them being a "magic show" realized none other than S. Brent Morris, editor of the Scottish Rite Journal. The winner of this year's CTC was Brother Gerald Alleva (accompanied by James Alleva) from Baltimore. An impressive moment was the presence of Brother Mike Querner who recited a poem.

The total amount, reached after donations, was almost two million dollars. Most donations came from California, Texas and Georgia.

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