Raul Arturo Gomez Mariscal (President of the Confederation of Regular Grand Lodges of Mexico) passed to the Eternal Lodge

Tuesday 16 June 2015

Mexicali, Mexico. Yesterday, June 15, 2015, at 6 AM, Past Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Baja California, Raul Arturo Gomez Mariscal, passed to the Eternal Lodge. Brother Gomez Mariscal was Chairman of the Confederation of Regular Grand Lodges of the United Mexican States, Sovereign Grand Inspector General of the Supreme Council for Mexico and member of the Commission of Regularity of the World Conference of Regular Grand Lodges.

The F & Secretary-General of the Masonic Agency regrets the loss of Brother Gomez Mariscal, remembering the happy moments shared with him and the collaboration between the Masonic Press Agency and the Grand Lodge of Baja California (during his term in office): "He was a man of value, he appreciated youth and he knew how to give each man his place. Our thoughts go now to his family and to all Brethren of the Grand Lodge of the State of Baja California".


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