The Masonic Agency has officially resumed its publishing and international activity

Monday, 1 August 2016

On 1 August 2016 took place the election and installation of the new leadership of the Masonic Agency, which is, since today, led by the President of the Council. The Agency will begin publishing news and information in August. It will also realize some interviews this year.

Also starting with 1 August 2016 the Agency has resumed its Masonic internal and international activities. All official communications shall be made through the Secretariat of Communications Technology and Information ( The old email address is no longer functional.

From now on all posts, information, news, interviews etc will be accompanied by the following official hashtag: #FM24h. The presence of this element on the official portals and official social networks (Facebook & Twitter) represents an identification system. Using this hashtag outside the mentiones portals and social networks does not represent a guarantee of the origin of the source (Masonic Agency).

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