Officials in Sofia (Bulgaria) attack Freemasonry

Saturday, 12 November 2016

On November 8, 2016 took place an extraordinary session of the Council (Consilium) of the Masonic Agency, chaired by the President of the Council (Praesidens Consilium). The Council was convened by the President after repeated requests for public intervention against the anti-Masonic actions of the Government and Parliament in Sofia, Bulgaria.

The Council of the Masonic Agency decided to invoke Art. 2 of the Constitution to intervene publicly in favor of the Bulgarian national Masonic community, considering the actions of the two institutions as unjust actions against Freemasonry. Unfortunately, given the political conditions, no leader of Freemasonry in Bulgaria had until now any official position regarding these actions, even if their role is to defend the Order.

The Council of the Masonic Agency decided to inform the Masonic international community, in the next period, and to provide insight into the real situation in Bulgaria. The Masonic Agency will present anti-Masonic statements of MPs, some ministers and former ministers of Bulgaria and a number of laws that oblige members of the Bulgarian Freemasonry to declare their membership.

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