Masonic Press Agency of Romania saddened by the Oslo attacks

Tuesday 26 July 2011

Official statement of APMR's Secretary-General

Under the shock and sadness provoked by the Oslo bombing attacks, the Masonic Press Agency of Romania stands in pain and shoulder by shoulder with the Norwegian people and with all Brethren in Norway and in the world.

There is no way of talking about Breivik's membership to the Masonic Order. There is no Freemason in the world that could do something like that. Mr. Breivik is just an accident in the recent history of the Universal Masonic Order and our Craft will not forget this. The bad example of Mr. Breivik will remain in the living memory of our Craft as a negative, destructive and racist behavior of an extremist man.

The Masonic Order should take into account the possibility of analyzing twice the life of a possible future member. By this I want to underline the importance of a medical report based on a psychiatric evaluation.

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