APMR's Secretary-General congratulated the Grand Lodges of Brazil for their Independence Day

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Bucharest, Romania. With the occasion of Brazil's Independence Day, APMR's Secretary-General expressed hise sincere feelings of unity and brotherhood to the great Masonic family of Brazil.

In his message, APMR's Secretary-General spoke about the fundamental importance of Freemasons in the struggle for independence and the formation of modern Brazilian state. "Your Republic was born of the desire of our Brethren to found a strong and active state against social, economic and political inequalities. All this took place two centuries ago. Today, Brazil is one of the future powers of the multipolar world," stated APMR's Secretary-General in his letter.

He concluded by saying: "September 7 is an important day for you, but also for us, all Brothers abroad. It is a day of Universal Freemasonry and of its fundamental principles."


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