Grand Lodges in Brazil celebrate Brazil's independence

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Brasilia, Brazil. Freemasonry inthe Federative Republic of Brazil celebrates today the Independence Day. The National Day and state independence of Brazil from the Portuguese Crown remained in the collective memory as a purely Masonic act.

Throughout the entire country took place today events organized by the Grand Lodges that marked the moment with solemnity. In his speech, the Grand Master of Goias spoke about the importance of initiating Prince Pedro, later Emperor Pedro I. The Grand Master concluded his speech talking about the fight against drugs, giving a message of unity in this respect.

The Grand Orient of São Paulo organized a National Day Masonic parade. The "Masonic Battalion" participated in the official parade started at 7:30.

photo: Rondonia Agora

In the Brazilian State of Rondonia Grand Master Juscelino Moraes do Amaral led the Masonic group parading with full Masonic Regalia.

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