The importance of Masonic Lodges in the Armed Forces

Monday, 17 October 2011

London, United Kingdom. Today in London there is an annual gathering of military Freemasons. On the same day will also take place a meeting of the RAF Lodge where a new Worshipful Master is to be installed. In today's meeting will be elected the new leadership and they shall address administrative issues.

The importance of Masonic Lodges in the Armed Forces

Throughout history many European or American army officers were members of the Masonic Order. Over time began to appear Masonic Lodge with soldiers and officers as sole members. Few of today's Freemasons are aware of the fact that during the interwar Romania hosted (with the help of the Lodge of Constanţa) a series of military Brothers. A case little known today about Brother Jean Pangal is that he was asked that the members of the Lodge in Constanţa to receive the visit of all Freemasons on board the Devonshire cruiser (HMS Devonshire). As stated at the time in official documents, the military ship had on board a Masonic Temple.

Today the tradition continues to exist not only inspiring among Freemasons respect for order and discipline, but sometimes also ensuring that the fundamental principles of Freemasonry are always promoted in the most remote places on the planet. The relationship between two comrades is important but when these are Freemasons and Brothers increase significantly the power of that connection and is always visible.

Photo: Naval History and Heritage Command
Source: Secretariat V

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