Shock for the members of the National Gran Lodge of Romania (MLNaR): Grand Lodge of France breaks relations and recognition treaty with MLNaR

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Paris, France. Jurnal Masonic published in today's edition a few paragraphs from the letter sent by the Grand Chancellor to his Romanian counterpart from MLNaR. In the same vein is exposed the position of Dănacu, the expelled Past Grand Master.

In a letter addressed to MLNaR's members, Viorel Dănacu deplores the situation reached within MLNaR, demanding cancellation of all decrees issued last year by Tudorel Niţulescu. Everything will depend on decisions taken during the Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge, an annual event which will take place on October 29, 2011. To date, the National Grand Lodge of Romania (MLNaR) has not officially announced the break with the Grand Lodge of France (GLdF).

Mention: Do not confuse MLNaR with MLNR

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