Does the Grand Orient of France and the Grand Lodge of France mix in GLNF's internal affairs?

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Paris, France. On december3rd, will take place the Annual Communication of the French National Grand Lodge. Amid scandal and internal division, several Grand Lodges withdrew recognition in recent months given to the GLNF, the last of which is the Grand Lodge of Lithuania, as shown in the communiqué issued by Brother Žygintas Būčys, Grand Secretary of Grand Lodge of Lithuania. Despite this, internal war continued in the letter issued by several Provincial Grand Masters Provincial who have "asked" to all the Grand Masters invited to not attend the invitation.

The state of uncertainty was fueled by a letter sent recently to the United Grand Lodge of England, by Alain Bauer (former Grand Master of the Grand Orient of France, currently Nicolas Sarkozy's advisor), Michel Barat (former Grand Master of GLdF) and Roger Dachez (President of the Masonic Institute of France) in which they are asking Alan Englefield (UGLE's Grand Chancellor) to put an end to the situation in France.

This document can be seen as an interference of the two Masonic Obediences in the internal affairs of the French National Grand Lodge. APMR recalls that the Grand Lodges of Africa this year signed a document in which pledged to support GLNF.

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