The Inter-American Masonic Confederation has completed its sessions in Mexico

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Tijuana, Mexico. In the past three days Mexico hosted the biggest Masonic event of the end of this year. On the first day of work and according to the protocol, were presented the messages of the civil authorities and leaders of all the Masonic bodies present at the event. Were also established the round tables. According to the official agenda, were discussed topics such as democratic development, social solidarity, social progress, social justice, the secular and social security.

In an exclusive interview with the Masonic Press Agency of Romania, the Grand Secretary of Grand Lodge of Baja California, Brother Miguel Carreño Bahena, spoke about the importance of the symbolism of this event and the importance for all Freemasons of belonging to a Regular Grand Lodge recognized as such in all Masonic organizations and forums, including the World Conference of Regular Grand Lodges. APMR points out that the Grand Lodge of Baja California signed this year in Bucharest a Treaty of Recognition with the National Grand Lodge of Romania (MLNR) headed by Most Worshipful Grand Master Radu Balanescu.

In the same interview the Grand Secretary spoke about the universality of the of the topics discussed by the Grand Master and the fact that justice and social security are things that Freemasonry has always sought to improve.

Miguel Bahena Carreño pointed out that the preparatory meeting for the 2012 General Assembly to be held in Brazil was successful. All subjects were carefully reviewed and adopted by the Grand Lodges present, respecting the sovereignty and independence of each member. Finally, he defined the IMC as a "society builder."

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