ITALY | Power, Freemasons and the Government

Friday 16 December 2011

Rome, Italy. Amid the social movements in Italy and the scandal of Freemasonry and the government of Mario Monti, Gustavo Raffi, Grand Master of the Grand Orient of Italy, participated yesterday in a TV show on Rai 3, presented by Lucia Annunziata. The same discussion was attended by PRI's Secretary (Francesco Nucara), the party that has a long relationship with Freemasonry in Italy.

Silvio Berlusconi said these days that Monti's government will not last. Based on these things and the conflict in the Italian Parliament, Raffi comes to make a note of balance on the scandal involving the Prime Minister of the country.

The central topic of the discussion was that the title of a newspaper: "Too many Freemasons in the government." Nucara tried to explain what was the point of these statements and pointed out that there is no problem for a member to recognize his membership to Freemasonry.

Lucia Annunziata said that reading the last book of Raffi, she believes that in a way it is time that Freemasonry come and help the society currently in need. "Freemasonry can not replace institutions (...)", added Gustavo Raffi. According to Raffi, Freemasonry must focus on culture, think about school, "the school which needs to be regenerated."

However, Gianluca Pini continued to assert that there is a strong link between Freemasons and Opus Dei. "There are forces that come into government, not democratically elected," said Pini, referring to Freemasonry and Opus Dei.

When asked how many Freemasons are in Monti's Government, Raffi and Nucara refused to say how many. Nucara acknowledged however that there are some, but gave no names. "There are more or less Freemasons than in other governments?" Lucia Annunziata asked and Nucara recognized that there are fewer.

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