EXCLUSIVE | Final interview before elections with Eduardo A. Rétiz Licona, running for Executive Secretary of the Inter-American Masonic Confederation

Saturday 7 April 2012

In the last interview we saw and understand different issues of the government program of each candidate. Now we want to complete this interview with a few additional questions and more technical.

Is again a pleasure to have the opportunity to express my views through this so important and prestigious media of communication as the Masonic Press Agency; thank you.

The United Grand Lodge of England announced its decision to officially open to the profane world. UGLE has a program and a strategy to achieve over the next five years and to continue thereafter. What do you think about UGLE’s new strategy? What do you think about the necessity of transparency of Freemasonry?

This important initiative is a sign of new times, Freemasonry must become more universal and inclusive; The United Grand Lodge of England (Mother Grand Lodge) is the vanguard for our Order to interact ever more with the profane world, is as important as our beloved Institution to become transparent in delivering its postulates with society and having enough attention so that we preserve our rituals and ceremonies in secret.

We observed that the agreement with the OAS is an important point on your agenda. Do you think of the possibility of signing agreements with UNASUR (this European Union of South America)?

The global trend of geopolitics is an integrationist vision directed towards achieving common objectives for the benefit of blocks or regions grouping countries, being very important to seek and establish contacts and relations with all international organizations to share objectives and to enhance the influence of the IMC for the benefit all member Grand Lodges.

I must mention that the Inter-American Masonic Confederation is a pioneer (since 1947) of the concept of regional grouping to achieve common objectives.

Since the IMC has an Ibero-American character will the IMC Executive Secretary consider necessary an active relationship in the near future with the Organization of Ibero-American States regarding his projects?

I consider it of utmost importance to work closer together in the various lines of the Organization of Ibero-American States since is grouping almost all the countries composing the IMC, except France and Haiti (which use French as official language), seeking to extend full benefits to all the Grand Orients in one place (IMC).

Another important issue is the drug trafficking and drug abuse especially among young people. The OAS issued its latest Report on drug use in the Americas. As you can see, the report shows that the "information must be a central element in deciding policies on drugs." APMR know that Freemasonry in Brazil (CMSB and GOB - Maçonaria Contra as Drogas) has a program to combat and prevent drug use. But what happens in Colombia and Mexico regarding this? We know that there are countries where young people are exposed to this danger. Could the next IMC Executive Secretary transform the Brazilian program into a Latin American one?

It is very important to work in a precautionary manner with everything to do with addictions, Mexico has a Paramasonic organization called AJEF (Association of Youth Fraternity’s Hope), where young people of both sexes are advised by Instructors (Master Masons) on topics designed to elevate liberal concepts and values against addictions.

This association originates in Cuba, Grand Orient which I visited recently where I had the honour of being present at the initiation ceremony (March 17, 2012), chaired by Grand Master José Ramón González Díaz, of 28 young Cubans between 14 and 18 years, and it was reactivated after a break of nearly 50 years. The idea is to continue to support these associations in all Grand Lodges.

Also we want to support and to repeat the Brazilian program "Freemasonry against drugs" since our Brazilian Brothers have become the vanguard of the Order in Latin America, seeking to “form and inform” all young people to avoid entering the path of "self-destruction."

Young people are the future of humanity and... of Freemasonry. In Latin America there are two organizations, among others, which dedicate their activities to youth and education: the Ibero-American Youth Organization and the Organization of Ibero-American States. Regarding youth, do you think that "Metas Educativas 2021" may be a viable program for the IMC? What is the role of youth in today’s and tomorrow’s Freemasonry in your view as possible IMC Executive Secretary?

I always believed and sustained that educating young people we build a better society (I have two girls of 19 and 22 years, one of which is an AJEF member), in fact the Association of Youth Fraternity’s Hope is a vital breeding ground for Mexican Freemasonry, many of its members reaching the gavel of Grand Master and one even being elected as President of the Mexican Republic.

Of course that the Ibero-American Youth Organization and the Organization of Ibero-American States is a good option for young Latin Americans since the goals for 2021 incorporate the mandates that, if my Brethren will allow me I will be leading the IMC.

I should mention that I had the opportunity to attend the signing ceremony of the agreement between IMC and the OAS conducted in 2008 but, however, very little could be embodied with this agreement, but if there is always a good cause, especially for youth, Universal Freemasonry and that of the IMC should be the first to take the initiative to complete it.

Gentlemen, Brethren, thank you for your kindness to grant us this second interview and we wish to express our desire that no matter whoever is elected, the chosen one should think that through culture, education and youth we can build the future and identity of an organization, of a society, of a nation and of Humanity.

Finally I want to thank you for that your attention given to me through this new interview which gave me the chance to highlight the great importance of culture and education in creating a better society; and that by working with young people and inducing them the ideals of Benito Juarez, José Martí, Miranda, Sucre, O'Higgins and Simon Bolivar we can build a more humane, fair and integrated Latin America extending it also to the world.

I would like to ask all Grand Masters that this new leadership renewal in the Inter-American Masonic Confederation to be a moment of meditation and one of making the best decision regarding the path to be taken by our Confederation, wishing success to all candidates and ensuring that in personal terms I will support always the best causes of the great universal Masonic family.


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