Jean-Pierre Servel is tasked to resolve GLNF's internal problems

Friday, 14 September 2012

Paris, France. The 64 years old lawyer of Toulon, Jean-Pierre Servel was elected candidate for the office of Grand Master of GLNF. If installed Grand Master he will be responsible to remedy problems that shook the Grand Lodge for more than two years, problems that have led to the split between the United Grand Lodge of England and GLNF. Even with an annulled treaty with GLNF, UGLE leaves the door open for GLNF Brethren, taking into account a new beginning of fraternal relations between the two Masonic organizations.

After losing the third of its members, GLNF is today in the position to fight to restore order in the hexagon. GLNF's scandal of this year led to the formation of many Grand Lodges, such as the Grand Lodge of Tahiti, Grand Lodge of Corsica or GL-AMF.

Also recently, Brittany's Provincial Grand Master recommended to GLNF Brethren to join him and to enter in the Traditional Grand Lodge of France. Another important number of GLNF Brethren have already entered into other Grand Lodges in France such as the Grand Orient of France or Grand Lodge of France, while others chose to remain members of the United Grand Lodge of England.

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