UGLE leaves the door open to Brethren from the French National Grand Lodge

Wednesday 12 September 2012

London, United Kingdom. The United Grand Lodge of England still considers that GLNF's Brethren and Masonic Lodges are working according to the principles of Regular Freemasonry. The decision to withdraw the recognition is due to GLNF's internal problems only and not that GLNF is irregular.

Anthony Wilson and Derek Dinsmore (UGLE's Grand Chancellor) believes that GLNF can be recognized again when domestic issues are resolved.

Also, Dinsmore stated that: "There is a long established, fundamental principle of Masonic international relations that where Freemasonry exists within a territory, whether or not it is formally recognised, that territory is closed to other Grand Lodges, and the latter should not set up lodges there."

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