13.03.2013 | Jorge Mario Bergoglio elected Pope Francis I at 187 years since the issuance of Quo Graviora Papal Bull against Freemasonry

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Vatican. Today was elected the new Pope, successor of Pope Benedict XVI (Pope Emeritus) at the helm of the Vatican. The one who will be called Pope Francis I (Francis of Assisi), is the Argentine Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, former Archbishop of Buenos Aires. The new Pope is of Italian origin and member of the Jesuit Order (11 March 1958). His actions in recent years in Argentina have indicated that he is part of the Catholic orthodoxy.

Pope Francis is the first pope from Latin America, where countries have suffered due to the Catholic Inquisition. Today also marks 187 years since Pope Leo XII issued the Quo Graviora Papal Bull a document against Freemasonry.


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