GLNF is on the right track thanks to the progress reached under Servel's office

Monday 4 March 2013

Paris, France. Members of the French National Grand Lodge can breathe a sigh of relief. GLNF is on the right track, even if there is much to do to regain its status within international Freemasonry. Servel's election as Grand Master, the implemented reforms, the removal of Stifani and the fact that the Grand Lodge, once again led by Freemasons and not French civil authorities are considered by the Grand Masters in North America as a positive evolution of GLNF.

Based on this decision, the best since the statements of UGLE's Grand Chancellor last fall, GLNF can start to prepare with confidence the celebration of its Centennial. This indicates that despite internal and external shocks received, GLNF continues to be a force supported by the Grand Lodges.

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